Failures and Successes - THE FAILURES are more important than the success. Success is a result of proper training and prep and is expected. Winning is always a let down isint it? If your a champion you know exactly what im saying. The long hard days of training and batteling the walls happen long before the final match, or you dont. Viewd this way; you win or loose in practice the games should reallly be victory laps right? That is, unless you slacked. Failure is where growth lies
That pain and awkwardness that makes you feel naked and judged?We push ourselves to run towards it for in that space you are growing. Now lets be clear, were not talking about failing in the you didnt show up and do your job because you got wasted or chose to chase the girl type, were talking you busted you ass and pushed hard but missed something, got bested, didnt have a certain skill set cause you were out of your space and knowledge type of fail. The things is you went for it and didnt stop gave it 110%